We have such a cool prophet

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall <ethan.brimhall@myldsmail.net>
Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2018 4:46 AM

General Conference was amazing. Even though I was only privileged to view Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning sessions, I still gained so much from the event. In my opinion, it was one of the best. There were topics like Meekness, Sacrifice, Temple Work, Unity, Pure Love, The Holy Ghost, Revelation, and more. My absolute favorite one-liner from conference was President Nelson’s prophetic statement of the condition of the coming days: “It will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, and comforting influence of the Holy Ghost.” At that moment, it just hit me that this man is unequivocally a prophet of God. Our Father in Heaven, God, speaks to him directly. As he said that, I was reminded of Matthew 24, a more complete version of which Joseph Smith made an inspired revision of. We can find that in Joseph Smith — Matthew in the Pearl of Great Price. Verses 22-23 specifically state: “For in those days there shall also arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch, that, if possible, they shall deceive the very elect, who are the elect according to the covenant. Behold, I speak these things unto you for the elect’s sake; and you also shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars; see that ye be not troubled, for all I have told you must come to pass; but the end is not yet.” It’s not optional or just a “good suggestion” for us to seek revelation for our lives. It’s essential to our spiritual survival in these, the last days. I have made a promise to myself and to God that I will be more earnest in my desire and prayers to know the mind and will of the Lord concerning the direction and status of my life. I encourage you all to do the same. And if you haven’t watched conference yet, do it! This one was historic. So many changes.

The run-off election was postponed from Tuesday to Saturday last week. That would interfere with transfers since they usually cut off all inter-city transportation, so we had the quickest, and most sudden transfer of mission history. One-third of all missionaries were transferred this round. We got the news Tuesday evening, said goodbye to everyone on Wednesday, and packed and left on Thursday. Friday I got my new companion, Elder Biney-Amissah. If that name sounds familiar, it is. I was in a triple companionship before in the same apartment here in Bo over a year ago. That news was quite a shock to me! I hope that we can maintain the level of love and care for our area that Elder Palacay and I had built up.

We had a small end-of-transfer get-together at a restaurant in town Wednesday evening. Elder Palacay and I got matching Africana shirts for the event. It was sad to say goodbye to some missionaries I know I will never see again, but it was fun too.

I swear I’m not counting days all the time, but for your information, I have six weeks and one day until I step foot again on American soil.


Elder Brimhall