Music, paint, baptisms, and more

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall <>
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2018 11:41 AM

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty jam-packed with action. Why is “jam-packed” a phrase? Most jars of jam aren’t even fully filled. Well, it’s definitely not Lays-chips-packed. Those are like 70% air. Maybe what I’m saying isn’t actually important anyway so that would be an accurate statement if so. To me it’s at least as packed as the little mayonnaise packets they sell here. Those are almost bursting at the seams. This is little-mayonnaise-packets-packed with nice stuff for you guys.

Here are some of my thoughts from Zone Conference we had this week:

A lot of missionaries freak out about where they will be transferred, but not much revelation goes into that part of your assignment. Most of it is who your companion will be. It doesn’t matter where you are, but who you serve. God doesn’t care much for the place, but the person. Lift where you stand.

Contentment, discouragement, laziness, and lack of focus bring death to a missionary.

If you feel you cannot do it, you have lost the Spirit. It becomes easy when you are filled with it.

A living missionary is a listener and a leader.

By your small moments of repentance comes eternal life.

Music Literacy Classes

This is really testing my abilities as a teacher. Teaching individuals is easy. Teaching groups is tough. Although I have zero credentials to teach a class like this, I can impart what little knowledge I have of music to the members of Njaie Town. I’ve made it a three-phase class: Rhythm, Pitch, and Tempo. It is surprisingly difficult to get through the first phase. We’re clapping through hymns as we learn what kind of beat each type of note gets. It’s a fun but tiring class to teach.

Service Activity

We cleaned and painted a police hospital on Friday for a dual-zone service activity. It was quite an ordeal. It was a pretty run-down place in need of the work. The office elders were sick, so I drove their truck to help the zone leaders get a few things for the activity since I knew how to drive and where to get things. It took about 7 hours to complete the project. After that, we were so exhausted that we just went back to the apartment to sleep. But the hospital looks beautiful! It was a great opportunity to help people and get some exposure.


We had a great baptism on Saturday for Solomon and Alex Kargbo and Francis Charles. It was a combined district baptism, so another companionship was there with a candidate. Our young men’s president, Sylvester, baptized the four candidates. It was his first time, so it was a little clunky, but it was a baptism nonetheless. We all have to learn sometime! Us four missionaries sang an impromptu musical number I Need Thee Every Hour that brought a great spirit to end the meeting. I gave each of them a tie for their baptism since they didn’t have one to wear to church. Their confirmations were sweet as each of them were dressed in priesthood whites. I was given the opportunity to confirm one of them and ordain two of them to the priesthood. It was a special experience to act as voice and receive revelation during their respective blessings.

Three more were interviewed on Sunday for baptism this week. They all passed. It was quite a stretch of my conversational skills to keep them entertained while they were hungry and waiting for their interview.


I’ve been getting pretty sad at random times of the day as I realize that my time here is quickly coming to an end. Words of advice I would give to all prospective or current missionaries: Never waste a precious day of your mission. If you do it right, you will be crying at the end of it for time to slow down. You will love the people you serve so much that it physically hurts to leave them. I hope you all respect the time God gives you to serve Him and His children, your brothers and sisters, and I hope you realize the value of your time on the mission before you wax old and are ready to leave. These things are true for all missionaries anywhere you serve. Nonetheless, I am incredibly excited to go back to my life at home with all the experience, friends, and most importantly spiritual strength I have gained in the service of God.


Elder Brimhall