I think I’m gonna die in Bo…

[Note: missionaries have their own silly terminology. In the case of this subject line, “die” means “finish my mission”.]

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall [mailto:ethan.brimhall@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2018 8:34 AM

Hey everyone!

This past week was sooo busy doing apartment inspections, going to zone activities, preparing everything for transfers, and even opening up a new apartment! It required a lot concentration on the part of my companion and myself. I tried to stay alive this last week even though I knew my release was imminent. It was a little hard. I was tired of that calling! Transfer news was pretty interesting though. I am staying in Bo, but moving to Njaie Town Ward. It actually borders my former Bo Branch (now Bo Ward) and I am living in the apartment I was living in before. Quite a blast from the past. Maybe God felt I had unfinished business here. This is my third unit in Bo when all the other cities I have been in were just one. What’s interesting is that when I first got to Sierra Leone, I looked at a map of it in the mission home and saw Bo and said “I want to serve there.” Got my wish! I’ll probably spend a total of 6 transfers here since my last one will likely also be in Njaie Town.

We went to two zone activities. One was a combined Bo East/West zone activity and the other was a Kenema zone activity at Kailondo Beach (I had been there before for an activity while I was serving there) that just happened to be on the same day as apartment inspections and that’s why we were in the city. Lots of fun to balance out the work.

This last week we picked up an elder from Kenema and took him to the hospital here for ingrown toenail treatment (I empathize with him all too well — I had that done 3 times back home). He had to go into surgery Friday morning. I guess he really fought in surgery because they had to give him a double dose of anesthetic (it wasn’t local because that doesn’t exist here), so when they brought him out he looked dead. He didn’t wake up for like an hour and then I just took videos of him saying stupid stuff. It was hilarious. Messing with people on drugs is soo fun!

I’ll have more to report next week with investigator lessons and probably some more crazy Africa stuff 🙂


Elder Brimhall