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From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2018 9:03 AM

Finish On Fire! That’s something my parents sent to me in a package full of cinnamon-flavored candies and a wonderful letter from someone dear to me.

In case any of you were concerned that I would fizzle out these last two transfers, behold the blessings of God for our service: 7 investigators with a baptism date, 13 investigators at sacrament meeting, 30 total lessons taught, and 11 new investigators. I ain’t “dead” yet!

Being back in the same apartment as I was during transfers 4-6, I determined to make it a better place since the last time was really pretty terrible. Luckily, I have apartment members with the same kind of attitude. We really cleaned up the place. Sparkly clean and a new freezer with those cool sliding glass doors on top. I feel like I’m in a supermarket every day 🙂 We also bought a ton of food as a 6-man apartment so we cut down on costs and it’s just pure enjoyment.

So in the same lesson where I nearly broke down and bawled because of the Spirit testifying through me as I taught of repentance, we also joked about how some people here boil marijuana and use it to make soup and get wickedly high. Also in the same lesson, our pupil jumped up and started scream-singing “LIGHT DONE COME! LIGHT DONE COME!” because apparently electricity hadn’t come for a while and everyone needed to charge their phones. This is Christopher, our most progressing candidate for baptism. Great guy. Definitely going to serve a mission.

While teaching Agness, who is a great referral from our Bishop, I joked that I would work in their garden after the lesson if they brought boots. They actually brought boots. When I slipped on the right boot, I felt something warm. I thought it was just a cloth that had fallen in there from a drying line in the sun. Slipping on the left boot, the warm thing in the other boot began to wiggle. I realized it was a mouse and immediately threw that thing off my foot! It was not small! That was the end of my gardening spirit. Maybe another time when rodents don’t try to eat my toes.

I get so tired at the end of each day that when we finish actualizing around 9, I just write in my journal (finally started that up again after not doing it at all for 6 months) and sleep. I’ve got spirit, but no energy to complement it. I’m trying though! Please keep me and my companion in your prayers that we will be able to continue working as hard as we did this week.

The thought came to me this week that obedience is worship, and He whom you list to obey is He whom you worship. I don’t have time to elaborate on that, but I found it an interesting thought.

Talk to you next week! Gotta run to two family home evenings!


Elder Brimhall