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Sorry no main letter to everyone today. But here are some excerpts from other letters today…

I decided that I want to major in Information Systems and minor in either international development or management when I get back to BYU.

I was able to watch President Nelson’s talk at President Monson’s funeral and the entirety of the announcement and press conference. My testimony grew three sizes bigger listening to the new first presidency handle those tough questions so flawlessly.

Holidays are not really celebrated here at all, including New Year. So no, there is not talk of new year’s resolutions.

I do exactly the same things here in Bo as I did in Freetown but it is a little bit more chill since I cover a smaller number of apartments. I have a working fund though which I have to manage very carefully. The Sherwoods were in Bo. Corbaleys were in Kenema. I cover both of those cities now that both of them have left.

We celebrated my “son’s” one-year mark this past Friday at a restaurant and I was asked to share a few fatherly words of wisdom for the last half of his mission. Paraphrasing, I said: “The first half of your mission is focused on how to acquire good missionary skills. The second half is focused on learning how to fight your human weaknesses.” I say that because you really have to fight yourself more often than you did the first year to keep going. The remedy is proselyting, though. It’s so fulfilling and lifts your spirits to keep going.