Freetown comes to an end

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Saturday, January 6, 2018 2:22 PM

Hey all!

So this week was transfer news week and I am going back to BO! I am so excited for that! I will be in the same district with my son and grandson (mission-speak for the guy I trained and the guy he is training). I will still be an office elder for one more transfer in that city and then I’m done. President Clawson told me on Wednesday that he really wants me over there to help smooth things out with both of the couples leaving from Bo and Kenema. My new companion (Elder Thomason) and I will be working to get a process organized and documented in the absence of the couples. Pretty much the exact same stuff I have been doing in Freetown.


One of the priests that was blessing the sacrament had to say the prayer over the bread many, many times, but the ward still maintained the dignity and spirituality of that ordinance. I’ve been in congregations where people laugh or the presiding officer gets angry at him afterwards, but there was just respect. It was soo nice.

The talks were way good too. Here is what I got from it: Live the Gospel like you actually know it. Repent and do right now because life is short. Do not compare yourself to others – focus on improving yourself from your past.

The last speaker was the 1st counselor and acting bishop I guess since we still don’t have one to replace now-President Markus. He called for members to feed the missionaries this week and the members delivered almost too well. Lots of fellowshipping happened this week!

After church, Mama G explained in graphic detail proper sequence of having children. I guess you’re supposed to wait at least 18 months before having your second child for all physical things to go back to their proper places. She’s a nurse so I guess it’s okay.

The rest of this week was a ton of missionary apartment inspections. We did Freetown on Tuesday, Waterloo on Wednesday, and Kissy on Thursday. We met some good, some bad, some terrible (and had to tell them that they will have to take public transportation during transfers if it was not fixed). This definitely does not give you bonus points with missionaries, but it’s necessary. On Thursday, we were gone in Kissy for district meeting. On Friday, we went to the Radisson Blu, the nicest hotel in Sierra Leone, for the weekly “Spicy Buffet” but unfortunately it was not running that particular night. Instead, we got pizza and pasta to share. Tons of food. Tons of expense. Tons of fun. It was a great way to end the transfer. We went and got real ice cream (a first for me here) along the beach. While at the ice cream shop, I heard Melancholy Hill playing in the background and not gonna lie I was really happy about that. I have worked on a design for a BYU-themed African suit for a few weeks. This week, I bought the material and gave the design and material to a tailor to get it done hopefully by next Friday. I’ll send you all pics when I get it! One older woman in the market yelled “Hey, Book of Mormon!” at me and my comp as we were buying things. That’s a first.

Enjoy the photos below!


Elder Brimhall

Excerpts from other letters…

There is zero running hot water in most apartments of the mission, so showers are not too fun. Our apartment has a small water heater just for the shower, but there is not enough pressure for it to come out the shower head, so I do still take bucket showers. With bucket showers, you at least get to warm up water with a kettle and pour it in the rest of the water. I am moving back to Bo! And I’ll be an office elder there for one transfer to get things going there now that the couples have left. It was quite unexpected! It definitely does not feel like I have been here for that many days (606). I have 129 days left, so that says I still have quite a bit of time numbers-wise!


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