Back in Bo

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2018 8:06 AM

Hey everyone! Here’s my week!


In between meetings with President Clawson and finalizing everything with Elder Chitedze so he will be prepared to be senior office elder, I packed for my transfer to Bo. I hadn’t put a single sock in my bag before today. Bad planning on my part and it made for a pretty stressful day but it was all okay!

Around 3 pm we left for Bo, but it took us about three hours to leave Freetown because of a crazy APC (political party) rally blocking a major road on our way out. Nothing got violent thank goodness but there were a lot of annoying whistles. As we got out, we stopped because the driver had to replace three of the four headlights since they were not working and we were going to get to Bo at 10pm. That would not have been very safe. While on the drive, we made a little aluminum foil airplane that we named Tin Force One and had fun until the wind ripped it to shreds as we were flying it out the window.

When we got to Bo, I joined my new companion, Elder Thomason, and we helped move a couple of missionaries around for transfers and got the others situated for their transfers tomorrow.


Transfers all morning to five different apartments. We had a meeting with President Markus, my good friend, to coordinate office elder efforts here.

We went to Kenema to finish up transfers with a few more missionaries and met with Markus again with contractors there to make it so less cash is used and we roll more often with checks. The couples here had a massive working fund and we only have 5 Million Leones for a transfer so it will have to work that way. They had a lot of questions about how things will work from now on with the couples gone but Markus knew everything. We were just there to show our beautiful faces.

After the meeting, my companion and I ate the famous goat pepper soup at Kamboi restaurant that I had missed sooo much. I also visited Sis. Monica, the Young Women’s president of Hangha Road branch. It was a joyous reunion. We spent the night at the Zone Leaders’ apartment in IDA and Elder Sarkodie cooked us all fried rice and chicken. I love Kenema.


Pretty much just hospital all day because two missionaries got malaria on the same day. We drove back from Kenema in the morning with a missionary we had just taken on transfer (Elder Thornburg) and his companion who had malaria. One sister in Bo also had it and we had to manage things with her. Two things happened at the hospital that kind of explain the state of things there pretty perfectly:

We saw a man picking up trash with one of those toy robot hand things you use to pinch your brothers.

I had to reverse out of my parking spot around a van that decided to park right behind me and I was pretty boxed in but I did it and the second I was about to peel out he got in the van and left his space open.

The evening was full of one apartment’s problems for about four hours as people just complained about item after item and it took all I had not to lose it. I screamed a little in the truck as one sister there waved us down again after we naively thought it was over. (I have some maturing to do.)


More hospital stuff. The doctor was unavailable so we dumped the hospital idea and went the sketchy “I know a LDS member nurse” route and got some shots in an elder’s butt. It was the same member that treated Elder Adokou for Malaria back when I was in Bo the first time. After that, we had another meeting with contractors and Markus akin to the one in Kenema but this time for the Bo counterparts.

Finally, proselyting. I met one recent convert of Elder Thomason’s and a less-active that he had been teaching. They are both great people. They also both fed us. I finally bought some groceries at Best-In to make some goat burgers that actually aren’t that bad.


Gbondo Town, Yemoh Town, and Pessima all had a combined baptism where 9 candidates were baptized. The work is progressing! I got to meet some great people and have a good discussion with Elder Kabosha who encouraged me to keep going in my missionary work and not die as a lot of missionaries do when their time is coming around the corner. I needed it.

The sick Kenema elder got his last shot after the baptism and we took the sisters home from spending the night in the hospital. After taking them home, we also took that elder home to Kenema and checked on another sister in Kenema that might have Malaria again. I just needed to take a nap after all that when we got back to Bo.

We cynically came up with a humanitarian organization idea called Humanitarian Organization that we trademark and get money by suing everyone who uses the word humanitarian. Then we will rename the organization to EITC, slightly infringing on Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean copyright but changing it to be “Eastern Indigenous Training Coalition” where we market East Africa’s traditional products at exorbitant prices and use the ridiculous profits we got from scamming hipster SoCal residents to fund infrastructure projects in those countries.


My first Sunday here was really interesting. I am serving in the only district in Bo that has not been made a stake. That is for a reason. Nothing big, just a lot of little traditional things that are really not correct.

Three random things:

Our chorister looks like an African Carrie Fischer if you can picture that.

The end-all qualifying statement of members here is “a missionary taught me…” when they’re about to expound some straight-up apostasy doctrine.

The Relief Society President was teaching third hour and said that women cause rape by dressing immodestly and I was shocked that every woman in the room nodded or grunted in approval. Say what?!

That’s my week guys! I hope yours was great and will be great!


Elder Brimhall