MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) week

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2017 12:01 PM

Hey everyone!

This week we had all the Zone Leaders and Sister Trainer Leaders over for MLC and had a blast. Although my companion and I were not part of the council, we still got to go to the beach with them on Monday for team building activities and eat their dinners for a couple days. A lot of them are my good friends, so I am not complaining too much that 14 missionaries were sleeping in my apartment (even though they did use my body soap).

I made fajitas the other night for no reason at all, but I put cheese on them which is a rarity (like a once a month kind of thing). Food is life.

I am very excited to call home next Sunday! It will be my last, which is a bit saddening.

We visited my recent convert Esther again since she is still here in Freetown. We showed her some of the chapels in Freetown so she can get some confidence and desire to come to church again. Life has been really hard for her and she has been feeling like church is just adding more business to her life, but honestly it’s just the opposite. Those three hours on Sunday add so much more meaning and value to the rest of your week. In the following picture, she lives at the left edge where the houses are touching the water. Total slums and a terrible social environment. Please pray for her to find someplace better!

We had a really nice lesson with a recent convert we met with last week named Emmanuel. We brought in his neighbor who was not a member and we had a discussion about baptism. Eventually, it turned to a point where we were discussing the method of baptism and the restoration of the gospel and the nonmember skeptically blurted out the question “How do you know your Church is true?” directed toward our recent convert. He proceeded to relate his conversion experience and my comp and I did the same, testifying of what we know to be true. Her demeanor changed to be a little more serious after that. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson. I love teaching the Gospel!

Tell Dex happy b-day for me! I really wish him the happiest of birthdays! Send me pics and vids for next week!


Elder Brimhall