Nov. 25, 2017

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Saturday, November 25, 2017 10:27 AM

Hey everyone!

This was an action-packed week and I got pictures!

The stake president invited the entire zone to his house to eat a 3-course meal involving banku, jollof rice, and fufu. It was too much and too good.​

​My Zone Leader likes sleeping at activities​


We had a service project at the government hospital down the street from the mission home. We took upon ourselves the task of cleaning the back areas where people pee and throw medical waste. Salone is not a clean place. We had a ton of fun doing it and we met some great people who were super thankful for what we did!

​​At the service project, the latex gloves we were given for grossness protection just sealed in the sweat and gave me raisin fingers.​

​The zone picture at the super sketch government hospital.​

​We did that.​

​After the service project, I was able to meet up with my favorite recent convert: Esther, from Kenema. She’s been riding the struggle bus for a while and moved to Freetown a month ago to avoid some serious family issues back at home. She miraculously got a job as a teacher but has nowhere to live and has not known where the church is. We were able to talk for a short while and agree to have her come to my ward on Sunday so that she can get some Sierra Leoneans to help her out.

We flew around Waterloo and Freetown doing apartment inspections and found a host of problems when we thought we were all caught up for once. In this work, if you look for problems, you will find them.

My companion thinks that drinking from a straw is feminine and childish. It was bendy so I couldn’t resist.​

​Electricity went out for some reason in our building, so my comp ran around the whole mission home compound looking for an outlet that worked Sunday morning so he could iron his shirt and pants in time for church. He found one.​

We had a Thanksgiving potluck on Thursday with the Clawsons and AP’s. We brought two rotisserie chickens in place of turkey. The Clawsons made hand-mashed potatoes and some cheesy gravy. The AP’s made cinnamon rolls. We taught Elder Badoo and Elder Nyoka about the significance of the holiday. I really miss everyone!

Transfer news came this week! I will be losing Elder Nyoka who is going to Kenema! I am super sad to see him go, but I am also super excited that he is going to such a great place to be a district leader! I will be getting Elder Chitedze who I already know from Kenema. He’s a great guy. I’m just really freaking out about how to train him on office duties when I’m still really new to all this.


I got stuck in a ditch last week. It was dark and raining and a massive hole in the road came out of nowhere. The back left wheel was like three feet in the air. Luckily, some charitable locals helped us out with manpower and engineering. You’d think that stuff like this would be a monthly occurrence at most, but crazy driving stories happen daily. I could seriously write a book just detailing all of the insane stuff that has happened while I’ve been in a car.

Spiritual part:

Last week, during companionship study, my companion shared with me something as he was preparing for his transfer elsewhere. He said that a missionary had told him last year that there was one missionary who, in his setting apart blessing, was told that he would work closely with while working with the mission president. He remembered that all this time way up to when he came to the office. As his previous office companion was being transferred elsewhere, Elder Badoo (my MTC companion), told him that I would be his next companion. Everything clicked at that moment that I was that missionary. Elder Badoo was the one who told him long ago.

Prophecy is real, guys. It may take time, and it may not come in the way you think, but all prophecies are fulfilled. Every prophet from Adam to Monson has been imperfect (with the exception of the Son of God), but when they speak in the name of God, that thing will come to pass.


Elder Brimhall