This was the closest I have ever been so far to going home

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Sunday, October 15, 2017 2:24 PM

Hey everyone!

Spoiler to understand the subject line: I went to the airport.

This week was pretty disorganized so I’ll just do some freethinking and put it in an email. I also don’t have a ton of time because I have to work on the logistics of transfers.

We chilled on delivering supplies because we stressed ourselves out asking everyone in the mission to tell us what they need and then figure out how to purchase it all. We have stock, but the need is greater than what is in there. We had to buy stuff worth about 8 million Leones to supply the mission.

Charity barely took us up the hill to reach Sis Jones’s place to pick up the furniture for the halfway house I referenced I think last week. Incredibly, we fit two bunk beds into the tiny covered wagon on the truck.

We took Elder Carlson to the bus stop (he just took a really dirty private van) early Thursday morning, but there was a freaking semi truck blocking our way. It was inside the mission home compound on the only road out, so we had to wait for the driver to come back from sleeping somewhere else. He left his huge truck there all night. We were a little late dropping off Elder Carlson at the stop and consequently were late going to do apartment inspections in Waterloo. We did make good time because where was a surprisingly small amount of traffic. The elders in each apartment did a really solid job of cleaning them. I was seriously impressed. We’ve got some good missionaries.​​​​​​​​ I was able to visit my old area, Lumpa, when we finished. I saw one member at the chapel and talked to him for a bit but the sun was burning hot and I had no sunscreen so we left quick. I dey come. When we got back, we saw the same semi truck now turned around but missing a wheel and in a wall. President Clawson probably made sure the driver was fired.

Saturday was Lungi day. We left at 9:30 in order to catch the 11:00 ferry. We got to Lungi by 12:00 and explored since neither of us had ever been there. We assumed that the only paved road in view would probably lead to the airport. It was a good bet. Going into the parking lot, a police officer stopped us and said “Oh, you are just small boys. Show me your license.” He proceeded to take Elder Nyoka’s license and say it expired in 2015 and asked us to pull over. I look at the license and it was issued in 2015 and expires in 2020. Obviously this guy was just looking for a way to get money from us We just told him what we read and then he had the nerve to say, “Well now you’ve wasted my time so you have to help me out.” HAHAHA. No. Elder Nyoka just drove off as we told him to have a nice day. We went to the beach for a while and messed around with some kids. I almost threw one into the water. Finally, the sick man came on his Kenya Airways flight from Ghana and we went to his apartment. We did inspections with the other elders there as well and took him back to the mission home with us to recover. Transfers were being announced when we got back. No changes for us, but our apartment mates are leaving so it’ll just be us two. More lonely but less productive. I think it’s a good thing overall.

More than ever before in my life and even in my mission I have seen God’s hand in literally everything. At random times in the day I take a step back and think in awe as I realize how something worked out that definitely should not have unless God did it. Happens almost every day. I love being a missionary!


Elder Brimhall