The insanity that is MLC

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2017 8:40 AM


We had an apartment meeting in the morning where we basically just talked Bishop Markus’s ear off with things we have to do together. President Clawson left early to go to another meeting. It lasted a little too long. We were given the assignment to terminate a contract we have with a landlord for a halfway house for prospective missionaries coming here to get their passports. We’re looking for another place.

The cage needed to be inventoried again, so we worked on that for an hour. It took a lot less time than last because of how well we organized it! Our work has already brought fruit.

Then we did computer work for the next few hours working on the cleanliness campaign for these coming zone conferences, and also the office elder guide. We got some serious work done. The zone leaders and STL’s came the day before for MLC and my former ones (Elders Correia and Wolters) asked me to type some stuff for them. Apparently I have some skills with Microsoft Word and typing that impressed them enough to say that those skills are the reason why I was called to the office. We had dinner with the zone leaders in the big people house and listened to the rest of MLC. One of the zone leaders told us that we were the most powerful missionaries in the mission on account of the fact that we can actually stop missionaries from living in a house or having any sort of comfort whatsoever. Fear me.


Earlier in the morning, we took a missionary visiting from Bo for health reasons to the bus stop. It was super sketchy because it was an old private van that took Elder Ndubi on the 5 hour drive to Bo. He got there safely though! On our way back, we also picked up some other elders trying to get to Rokel bank to set up their accounts. After dropping them off, we got Elder Joseph from the actually legit private hospital, Aspen Medical. He had been suffering from malaria. Together, we went to Rokel bank to set up our new accounts as well. The mission finally got sick and tired of GT Bank for being absolutely useless and unreliable, so we’ve switched to Rokel.

The second we arrived back at the mission home with Elder Joseph, we had to unload a late order of cooking gas into the lower cage and then set up supplies to go with Bishop Markus to Lungi, Makeni and Koidu.

Immediately after we finished that, we went to Seabird to pick up a returning Sierra Leonean from the Nigeria Calabar Mission. He was so ready to get home that at 8 pm he took a risk and got a taxi to take him the now 6 hour ride to his home in Bo. President Clawson released him and he was on his way.


All morning and into the afternoon, we delivered supplies to apartments in Kissy and Waterloo. Then we took care of that apartment issue I referenced on Monday. The lady was super nice and understood why and hopefully will not go less active. The Kenema zone leaders showed us a super sweet restaurant that serves amazing crepes and milkshakes and I am going to spend so much money there for the rest of my mission. We spent the rest of the night playing uno in the big house with all the leadership. It was a fun day.


We were emergency notified at 11 the previous night that we needed to get some things in order for zone meeting this day and we were up until 2:30 doing all of it. We left at 4 to take the zone leaders of the provinces to their bus and came back at around 6. I slept until district meeting in which I gave a hastily prepared instruction that had the Spirit because I really tried. Then we took an elder going home to Seabird and got some books of tickets for the mission. We took another check to Mike’s Bikes in Kissy (the other side of town from Seabird) to pay him for the bikes he gave us before and said it wouldn’t work. Well, after that disappointment, we gave up for the day and slept until the evening where we played Phase 10 again with the Belliar Park elders.


Elder Nyoka and I went back to Mike’s Bikes with a modified check that would work (because now it had the correct name on it). Parking is always insane there, and while trying to pull out of our parallel park in an insanely narrow street, a massive dump truck came barreling down and we had pull some crazy maneuvers in order to keep our lives and our truck intact.

We taught one lesson today at Bro Prince’s place about the Book of Mormon. The whole hour and a half lesson was focused on his questions about the Book of Mormon. He’s still pretty stuck on being a Muslim, but we got our foot in the door with his commitment to read the book. Small small. We came back and I helped a struggling elder set up a webcam and be able to video call home on one of the mission computers. We ended the day with some more Phase 10 and couscous.

Our days were either not that busy or so busy I wanted to die. I am learning so much being here in the office and I get to work with so many great people that it is worth the work. I had a testimony before how God could touch individual lives. I am now gaining a testimony of how God can touch an entire organization. Nothing would work without God in this Seriously. Life would fall apart. Every mission is a miracle. I am thankful for all church leaders and I am especially excited that we get to listen to them today and tomorrow speak to us on what God would have us hear at this time. The world is in turmoil in more ways than we can count. Never before have we needed General Conference more than we need one now. The Church is true, people.


Elder Brimhall

Excerpts from other letters…

Wow that’s so cool! I’ll definitely be watching for Clark’s hiking accident being mentioned in Elder Hallstrom’s talk during General Conference. I hope you all have a wonderful conference. Please send me a picture of everyone watching!

That quote [“If we can’t find happiness now with all the blessings God has given to us, then all the blessings in heaven won’t make a difference.”] fits with something my companion and I thought of this week in companionship study: “If you make happiness your goal, you will never achieve it.” Because happiness is a byproduct of other worthy goals.