From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Saturday, September 9, 2017 11:07 AM

“Office Baba.” That’s what they call me now that I’m an office elder. I’ll likely be here in the mission home for the next four transfers as that’s the tradition. I’ll talk about my last week in Hangha before I get to the insanity that is the mission home.

I spent my last week exhorting my investigators and members, new and old, to take the message seriously. I did more proselyting than I ever have because this place was my home and I love it, problems and all. I gave my branch president my last honest advice about how to heal the branch, wrote down all the referrals I forgot about and old investigators Elder Patrick should check on with his new companion. Thankfully, they called Seminary & Institute instructors for the branch the Sunday I left, so it will live on in my absence.

The choir also suddenly became self-sufficient. Then I left Monday morning for Bo and STAYED WITH MY SON. I took him around visiting all my recent converts and a couple other members (got lost a few times) and ate some great food. We got up at 4 to walk to a bus stop by six. It left late at 7:15 but we still got to the mission home in a good time.

At this point I pretty much immediately got to work. I went around helping Elder Nyoka and Elder Carlson for the next two days finishing the insanity that is transfers. Elder Nyoka (my new comp) and I made peanut butter. Yes. You read that right.

After moving people for two days, we moved supplies all over Freetown, Kissy, and Waterloo, called the missionaries for those three zones to check on water filter and smoke alarm statuses, sized and laminated like a hundred certificates, and a myriad of other things. It’s crazy. Both of us have some ideas as to how we can help organized the mission better (because it’s still pretty disorganized), so we are putting our whole energies into this work. I feel like I came on a mission to do this. It’s so fun and fulfilling. I get to proselyte Thursdays and Fridays. We contacted a bit and taught some cool people. And Saturdays are our p-days since that is when the office is closed. As of now, the AP’s and President and Sister Clawson are traveling, so we’re running things here. It’s seriously fun to be a part of the support system for full proselyting missionaries.

I find myself clenching my jaw and cracking my neck a lot more often here. That’s a sign of stress I know well, so if you guys could pray for me to get adjusted to my new responsibilities, I would really appreciate that. Elder Nyoka and I want to make a lot of changes in the mission. I have six months and counting!


Elder Brimhall