Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come; and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation.

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, July 10, 2017 9:46 AM

Hey people!

I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so I had another test done. I won’t describe that one. It showed nothing again, so we decided I’m just suffering the residual effects of extreme stress on my body after it was burning up for a week. Mentally, I’m not super okay either. Missionary work is stressful. Elder Kabosha and I had a powerful weekly planning session that pumped us up for this week. It’s probably the best I have ever had this whole mission. We topped it off with companionship inventory to totally clear the air.

We found many new and wonderful people to teach from all walks of life. It was a blessing to meet and interact with each of them. Some I could tell were already prepared for the gospel. I just hope I can handle it right and not screw up an opportunity to say what God has in store for them.

A lot of people have been running away from us or just straight up lying to get out of lessons which has been pretty discouraging. Several people are sick, too. Mamie was basically dying of malaria a few days ago. We visited her often to make sure she felt loved. She paid us back by calling us the day she felt well enough to have a gospel discussion and man, was that lesson powerful. Pure revelation was flowing from my lips. I’m not kidding. We opened to 3 Nephi 9:14-22 and I just talked. Maybe too much. But when my mouth stopped moving my companion was just looking at me like I had just been raised from the dead or something. Here’s what I learned as I spoke:

The Lord always has his hand outstretched. It’s always there. We just need to look. We can even receive his hand more as we strive to live the principles of the gospel.

Christ has all power. We just need to let him save us. He has given us the saving mechanism — that is, the gospel. As we live it, we accept His saving power. Electricity is useless unless you have and operate a machine to use it. Same principle.

When Christ came in his first earthly advent, the Jew’s rejected Him because, among other things, He did not do what they wanted or believed He would. Christians are no different today. Some expect Him to save all unconditionally, or to save a few by predestination, or a myriad of other false doctrines. People even reject miracles by explaining them away with scientific terminology or mere happenstance. We are His own, His believers, but how many of us would receive Him as he came? Or even now comes?

All Christ asks is that we humbly submit our will to the Father’s. Happiness is turning ourselves over to Someone who can do our lives better than we. Salvation is, as a very wise young woman I know once said, “getting out of your own way.” Let us do the same. I have a testimony of the reality of Christ. He lives. He loves me. All that He did was motivated out of pure love for us no matter the great personal cost. My desire is to be the same, to love as Christ did. I know that as we turn it all over to Him, our burdens will be lifted and our smiles will shine brighter.


Elder Brimhall

p.s. subject reference was D&C 31:3