Sick Week

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 9:46 AM

Hey everyone!

So I continued being sick through Sunday. One full week of sickness. Trying to live and do missionary stuff on Wednesday was necessary, but it killed me. I got some tests done at the government hospital here, but nothing was wrong. I guess whatever I had cleared itself out by Saturday when I had the tests done and I was just feeling the effects of starvation since I hadn’t eaten hardly anything all week. Still hard to eat. My comp was a saint in caring for me. He’s a great man. Whoever marries him will be tremendously blessed.

At the same time as my health breakdown was a mental/spiritual breakdown of sorts and I had to speak with President Clawson. He is such an inspired man and helped me through something in a way I think very few people on earth could have. He’s a lot like a father to me. Not to discredit my actual Dad, though. If he were here, I would go straight to him first. No vex pa me dadi.

I did a good amount of studying as you can probably guess since I was stuck in bed all week. I thought a lot about repentance and the thought came to me that sin is a lot like whiplash. You need to go through all of repentance just like you need to complete all of physical therapy in order to become whole again. I’ll probably give a talk about that someday because I have a lot of thoughts on it. But the point is, you’ll never really be sure you’re forgiven until you do literally everything. You suffer yourself to be humble to the uttermost in order to feel that forgiveness you will eventually crave if you do not already. Only when you do all that is expected of you can you feel peace again. Even those deep in sin are entitled to receive revelation on what is expected of them for repentance if they honestly seek it. So, that’s my thought for the week. Short email, sorry, but I didn’t do much of anything haha!


Elder Brimhall