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From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2017 9:57 AM
Let’s get right to it cause I don’t have much time and a lot of stuff happened.


We blitzed Kpayama. I went with Elder Seri in northern half and my comp went with Elder Tarpeh in the south. Out of 7 appointments, 1 succeeded. 2 backups worked. One backup for a backup worked. Therefore, we spent most of the day contacting (something I don’t normally have to do in my fruitful area). Some interesting things in the day: I contacted with a chastity pamphlet; two drunk Muslim guys asked me to bless them; woman ran out of one house screaming “I want you” at me. All of that within a 10 minute time span.

Later on, we had a discussion with a very religiously experienced Muslim family. Lots of questions. We were able to handle it well and they all invited us back for another discussion which they said they didn’t ever do for missionaries from other churches. LDS doctrine is, as one BYU devotional speaker wisely said, naturally attractive.


Zone training was intense. We dove into integrity and what it means for missionaries in a gospel sense. President Clawson issued a formal statement on electronic devices. They are allowed with the signing of a contract to never abuse it. The Spirit was there. Afterwards, one district member that was inappropriately using his device told me and promised to make it right. Teach principles, let people govern themselves. President Clawson said “amen” like those pentecostal pastors and it had me dying. Makeni is a district, Kissy will be a stake, Freetown stake will be split. Miracles in S’alone.

I had a great thought come to me. Here are the whisperings of the Spirit: “You will have to face all your weaknesses eventually. God has all perfection and you are destined to become like Him. You must in time also attain to all perfection.”

We proselyted with our senior Assistant to the President, Elder Izekor. This was his first area. I learned a lot from him on how to more effectively extend commitments. That guy uses every sentence he speaks as a commitment. It’s amazing.


This session of district conference held a lot of inspiration for me. A talk was given by one sister Elizabeth that left many people in tears, a sight not common in Africa. She talked about honoring temple covenants. I can’t adequately summarize such an inspired talk. I know many people were touched, including me.

President Clawson said “hallelujah” again channeling his inner pastor.

My comp and I with a few other missionaries made up the bulk of the men’s section of the district choir. When I say there was zero legroom it is not an exaggeration. I couldn’t even stand up properly. We sang okay though!

I helped a member send an important email for work. He has a laptop but has no clue how to use it or how to type. His English is great though, so transcribing the letter was a piece of cake. He was very grateful for something that the vast majority of people in the U.S. can do with ease. I was then reminded never to cease thanking my Father in Heaven for talents and abilities that may seem commonplace (like, for example, the ability to even read).

I wrote down a lot of promptings about working with branch leaders despite current difficulties.

Gotta go! Wish I had more time, but it’s sub day so I have to buy stuff. I love you all!

Elder Brimhall