Me padi dem


From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, May 15, 2017 9:07 AM

Me padi dem (my friends)!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and future mothers out there! I read in Teachings of President Gordon B. Hinckley where he said “The true strength of any nation, society, or family lies in those qualities of character that have been acquired for the most part by children taught in the quiet, simple everyday manner of mothers. It is the home which produces the nursery stock of new generations. I hope that you mothers will realize that when all is said and done, you have no more compelling responsibility, or any laden with greater rewards, than the nurture you give your children in an environment of security, peace, companionship, love, and motivation to grow and do well. I remind mothers everywhere of the sanctity of your calling. No other can adequately take your place. No responsibility is greater, no obligation more binding than that you rear in love and peace and integrity those whom you have brought into the world.” What more can be said? I love all you mothers who do your best to raise God’s children. Motherhood is the most honorable profession in existence.

One of the members here (Sister Bernadette) said that I am a black poomwee (white man) because of how I act and the fact that my pronunciation of African languages is perfect. She hasn’t heard me try Xhosa (that weird clicking language in South Africa that I have heard some missionaries speak).

I heard from someone here that men’s adam’s apple is called that because Adam was reluctant to take the forbidden fruit so it stuck halfway down his throat and that the menstrual cycle comes to women because Eve took the apple first and swallowed the whole thing all the way down. TIA (THIS IS AFRICA).

Also, i saw a car battery hooked up to a light, giving it power to light a small outdoor restaurant.

We did some blasting this week to get investigators to come to church. It has been a real problem. There is always one excuse or another that keeps them from coming. We tried to put a stop to that and we had a miracle of 8 people attend sacrament meeting. That’s the most we have had since our first transfer here! Gradually, we are pulling people from loud, irreverent fire-centered Pentecostal churches and into the restored Church of Jesus Christ.

I had a thought come to me as I was reading somewhere about hardening your heart. I think it was in 1 Nephi when Nephi was blasting his iniquitous brothers. Hardening your heart is an active, conscious, energy-consuming effort. Hardening is an action word. You don’t passively harden your heart. You actively rebel against truth and light.

One cool thing we had this week was we visited a woman who just showed up to church a couple of weeks ago. For one reason or another we weren’t able to get to her until Saturday, but when we did it was incredible. She is a Catholic but loves the way we worship (i.e. two hours of gospel study). First of all, she bought us apple cedar and gave us biscuits. Even if she didn’t progress, I would still go back there at least once a week for the love. But she is progressing. As we were discussing the Godhead (I was bracing for objection on this one. You know, the Athenian Creed), she told us outright that she believed God had a body of flesh and bone, Jesus Christ also, and the Holy Ghost was a personage of Spirit. My Father in Heaven blessed me with the Spirit as I immediately reflected upon how each of us are born with light and truth such as a true conception of the Godhead. Over time we harden our hearts by accepting secular precepts and philosophies of men and denying the truth we have inside. It’s sad, but it happens.


Elder Brimhall

p.s. our text signature on the companionship phone is “Hang(ha) Loose” because we serve in the Hangha Road branch. I’m clever. Accept it.