Hey everyone!

Some random stuff to start out:

  • cream soda has been acquired
  • boku (much) rain
  • impoverished member farmer gave us free corn for teaching his wife who doesn’t speak a lick of English
  • Britain is actually America according to an investigator’s friend
  • it’s a blessing to proselyte at 8am because people feed you breakfast
  • temple run = fleeing your country to illegally enter America
  • mango season is upon us
  • my companion ate plain rice and ketchup because we don’t know how to cook
  • conference was pretty much a missionary party since that’s all who showed up

We had a zone council on Tuesday, which is where the district leaders and zone leaders in the zone have a council. Pretty self-explanatory. The three District Leader’s are very new, including me, to this whole leadership in the mission thing. We don’t really know what we’re doing. We talked about obedience and our responsibilities and even planned a super cool zone activity to occur on the 23rd. I like being part of an organization that actually does stuff.

I’ve gotten a lot better at balancing my desire to be obedient with killing myself because I’m not perfect. It’s hard. This General Conference answered so many of my prayers. I’ve never had a more relatable conference in my entire life.

I feel a lot more confident in my mission. Not in myself. I have no confidence in myself. But I have more confidence in God’s power and ability to do what I cannot (which, to be honest, is a lot of stuff). I know what I need to focus on. That’s what general conference is for. Now I need to figure out how to apply all these marvelous concepts in my life. I think my knees will be crying for the next few weeks.

I know we have living prophets today. We have the privilege to hear people speak who hold the same power and authority as the Apostles of old. How incredible is that?! What could possibly stop a disciple of Christ from listening to the Lord’s ordained servants? If you haven’t watched, fear not. We have the Internet. Go here to sit at the feet of the Lord’s ordained servants and listen to their wholly inspired words, for the Lord has said “whether it be by my voice, or by the voice of my servants, it is the same.”


Elder Brimhall

Excerpts from other letters…

I hope to repair my camera soon so I can start taking more pictures to share with you. Thank you for sending the little tools.

No Mendi translation, so people pretty much just miss out on what an amazing conference we had this time around.

I really loved Bishop Causse’s talk about his own conversion story. I want it on video so I can learn about how a convert feels.

I absolutely adored President Eyring’s talk in priesthood session. I tried to look at conference from different perspectives: investigator, member, and missionary. Here are some notes from that talk:

  • you can’t rely on yourself because this is not your work
  • being overwhelmed is a good sign because you realize in some small way the magnitude of your calling
  • have I ever felt the heavens open to me? has anyone ever thought of my service as the ministering of angels?
  • Moses 6:31-34 describes Enoch’s struggle to perform God’s marvelous work
  • the people we serve come to know Him better because of our service
  • some motivation: D&C 84:88
  • you are not too small or too insignificant for the Lord’s help
  • you are not here to solve problems, but to build people
  • priesthood service will change the way you see people

I had plenty of other notes from other talks that I will be studying for the next six months. There really was an outpouring of the Spirit, at least for me.

The rain is very nice! I get dust all over my face and clothes every day.