craziest week ever!

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2017 3:55 AM


We baptized Ramatu, Iye, and Zainab on Saturday. Ate a ton of food at people’s houses as usual. Taught some powerful lessons.

Oh, and I got transferred to a new city with a greenie fresh from the MTC and I am District Leader, so nothing huge. Of course that’s huge! That’s a lot of responsibility for my huge shortcomings. I am so stoked and scared and nervous for the changes. Lots of new responsibility being District Leader, a trainer, and in a new area in a new city and a language I know only four words in. I have to actually learn Mendi now since I am in the deep east in Hangha Kenema (aka Mendi tribal land). It’s not easy, but I’ll survive.

I went to the mission home VERY early Tuesday morning and arrived just before noon from Bo. 40 people slept at the mission home. It was insane. I spent time with Elder Wolters (from Waterloo), Elder Kuakou (from Bo), and Elder Carlson (my TC). We had a training session and hung out until the new missionaries arrived. It was fun seeing people from all over the mission that I don’t normally get to see.

Greenies arrived and brought this crazy energy with them. I could tell they were so excited to be there. One of those guys was going to be mine. We all went to sleep late at night after we all got settled in (DL’s got to sleep in the AP’s air conditioned room…man was that nice).

The next day, we did more training and ate great food in the AIR CONDITIONED mission home. I love air conditioning so much. We headed to our separate areas and I said goodbye to some people I won’t see for a long time.

Elder Kabosha, my very new companion, is from Zambia and he is super chill. We have gotten along great so far. I have to get back to my awesome area with an awesome companion and awesome branch missionary. I am so happy here. In case you needed a reminder, life is awesome.


Elder Brimhall

p.s. I got some super cool pants from an investigator. I’ll take a pic and send it next week. And Mom, can you send me more black shoe polish and another card reader (one got stolen and the other is now busted) thank you! Enjoy some pictures from the past couple of weeks!