My beautiful nose and other things


From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 7:14 AM

Hey everyone!

Another week chock-full of big ups and downs, but I’ll just share the ups and kinda-downs so you don’t get all freaked out.

First, a little milestone. I had to refill my consecrated oil vial! So many blessings!
Also, no national power all week! Not one single minute. It was awesome.
A couple of our investigators said my nose is very nice. Pointed. What? Oh, and apparently Augusta’s friend is my new wife. Just Salone things.
Everyone thinks I’m like 25. Seriously? Do you know how immature and childish I am?
My magnetic tag came! Thank you Mom for getting that here!

We have been working exceptionally hard to get our investigators to be more serious. That work has payed off a little bit because we have five baptisms scheduled for the fourth! A great half-birthday treat for me will be seeing them all get confirmed the next day.

We are teaching three sisters: Zainab, Adama, and Mariatu. They’re great! We had to hop over this stream to get to their house, and sometimes we got a little scared that maybe we wouldn’t make the jump. Almost didn’t a couple times. They saw this one time and decided to make this epic bridge for us made of the trunks of palm trees. SUPER heavy, super awesome. I’m impressed that they were able/willing to do that for us. We’ve been working really hard on them this week, and we visited them almost every day. We finished our last lesson pre-baptism, The Commandments.
Unfortunately, Balu’s father fell seriously ill. We are praying for her father’s recovery. Hopefully everything goes okay.

So our branch made an awesome list of goals for each auxiliary and priesthood presidency. Everyone has goals for retention, reactivation, and referrals. Man am I going to be busy! 13 collective referrals per month from the branch should give me tons of work to do. I have been given the right to annoy people if they don’t give me referrals. Hehe I am going to love this work even more! My branch is awesome!

I hope you all have a great week. Keep the Lord in mind and He will keep you in mind.

Elder Brimhall

Excerpts from other letters…

The things people freak out about in the U.S. are so superficial compared to the suffering of other people less fortunate than we Americans are. Sadly, wealth and pride has blinded most of America to what really goes on outside of our borders. My perspectives have changed so much. My heart has been softened as my eyes have been opened. I have learned to be more grateful that my country is one of the FEW that has checks and balances, a peaceful transition of power, relatively little corruption, etc.

That’s so awesome that Rob Tait is our new Stake President! I hope Ann emails me soon. I want to hear from her! So I’ll get released by President Tait. How freaking cool is that? Not surprised at all that he was called. That talk he gave that you sent to me was great, by the way.

Oh yeah, Sunday is definitely my most stressful day. I worry a lot about investigators coming. I have to report key indicators. Branch council meeting. I feel like the auxiliary branch president sometimes. Sunday is like two days mashed into one. It’s insane.


That last note you share from Stake Conference (“We ought not be so stubborn and adamant in our ways that we cannot seek to understand. The Holy Ghost will show us all things we need to do/say/become. We, as members, spend our lives learning the gospel and about our duties. But sometimes we limit ourselves if we don’t put what we learn into practice. Knowing data is not enough. Consider how you feel when you learn. Allow your heart to change and convert. Then actively decide what you will do after considering what you felt. To testify is to know and to say, but to be converted is to do and to act.”) you had is something I have really been trying to apply in a greater sense. It is so hard to get along with people sometimes. I feel as if I am not ready to suck up my pride sometimes. It is just so satisfying to say what I want, how I want, when I want! Then I get all angry and the Spirit leaves. The Lord is seriously stretching me. It hurts. I am trying to apply all those Primary/Sunday School lessons, but it is so hard. I am painfully aware of how imperfect I am. But I am trying every day to be better. That’s all I can do. Please continue to pray for me. I need it right now.

Sometimes I wish I could share a testimony or gospel knowledge like I can with food. It would make my mission so much easier. But then I realize that life would lose its savor if that were possible. If my testimony could be traded as a commodity like bread or corn flakes, it wouldn’t be so sweetly valued. My testimony is more valuable than gold or platinum or any other perishable good like that.