I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays

My fellow children of God!

…Teach me how to contact teach me teach me how to contact… (*sung to the tune of Teach me How to Dougie*)

That was half of this week (the other half will be explained later). Contacting. Most of our investigators are gone for holiday, so we focused on referrals, old investigators, and street contacts. I’ll give one example of success we had this week.

Sister Balu is a referral from a neighboring branch president. We spent like an hour trying to find this lady’s house. 24 Jubilee Street. Sounds simple right? We traversed all of north-south like 4 times until we finally found someone who could point us in the right direction. Apparently Jubilee Street is super jacked up and has parts going north-south and east-west. She was on the east-west part. He led us to the right house and (here comes a little miracle) was interested in our message! I’m glad we had no clue where her house was so that we could talk to that guy and get a new investigator. Anyways, Balu is wonderful. We were a trio with Elder Biney and totally brought the spirit to the lesson. She was surprised at the depth of doctrine we taught and she seemed really interested in what we had to say. Unfortunately, she was GOING ON HOLIDAY GEE DANGIT but we will catch her afterwards.

Elder Adokou got pretty sick Thursday through Saturday, so we were really limited the first two days and completely stopped on Saturday. This gave me some time to do some reevaluating. I spent those days pretty much entirely in meditation. I read, prayed, and read some more. I think God gave me a little answer to my prayers with something my companion said on Sunday. After coming in from having a less-than-successful day, Elder Adokou said to me “You know, I actually didn’t hate going out today. I’m not really sure why, but I feel good!” WOW! Hopefully we keep this momentum going into this week despite all the parties and interruptions we have.

Today we hijacked Bo East’s district party that had a white elephant gift exchange, food, and a bunch of games. We played musical chairs, sentence (all the alphabet in a sentence and you have to find each successive letter in a certain amount of time), peek and act (like charades), and something where we say all the names of books in the scriptures, modern-day prophets since Joseph Smith, or names of Salone missionaries. I got to the finals and lost when I couldn’t pronounce the name of one missionary. Musical chairs was absolutely insane. Pretty sure we drove away the spirit with all of our yelling, but God says “My spirit will not always strive with man” a few times in the scriptures. That makes it okay, right? Jk. We had a lot of fun as a district. I took some videos that I’ll send next week. I left my adapter at the apartment!

This week was good and I am SO EXCITED to talk with my wonderful family this week. I am preparing all kinds of stuff to ask them and tell them. They are the best. So supportive. I wouldn’t survive out here without them and my friends that email me each week. You all give me a chance to express my emotions in a part of the world where that’s not really acceptable. I love you all!


Elder Brimhall