From: Ethan Cade Brimhall []
Sent: Monday, October 03, 2016 11:07 AM

Last week we had a zone activity that lasted for a ridiculously long time, so sorry for not getting an email out. I didn’t have much time at the cafe.






The AP’s [Assistants to the President] came by and audited our area books. Suffice to say, I took some heat for my negligence. I hadn’t been that faithful in using it. I’m doing better though!

Transfer news came in early Saturday morning. I’m going to Bo! I’ll be finishing the training of a missionary from Ivory Coast. He speaks French,  so communication will be hard. I’ll have to learn Mende,  a tribal language common in the area. I am serving in the city though, so I should fare okay. I am going to miss my zone members. I have to say goodbye to my two companions and the home I have known for four months.

General Conference [a semi-annual worldwide meeting to hear from the prophet and apostles and other church leaders] was a miracle. We got to see the morning sessions live and the Saturday afternoon and priesthood sessions rebroadcast on Sunday. I loved this session particularly because I felt it emphasized a need for returning to the simple base of God’s love for us.

Members and missionaries attended. It was really filled for the Saturday afternoon rebroadcast at 9 am on Sunday. Everyone left after that.

My favorite talk was given by Elder Hales. He posed the question “if we love the Savior more,  will we suffer less?” That really made me think about my relationship to Christ.

This week has been uplifting for me. I want you all to know how much love God has for His children. All He wants is for us to be happy.  It takes a spiritual eye to see what brings you long-term joy, and we have the Holy Ghost to help us with that. I love each of you and I hope you enjoyed conference. This one really was killer. If you haven’t watched it yet, I promise you won’t regret taking time to watch just a few talks.

Elder Brimhall

Excerpts from other letters…


I loved conference! Favorite talks from each session were Hales, Cook, Uchtdorf, Robbins. Can you get me audio for those?

I have gotten wonderful advice from all sorts of family. Make sure everyone knows how thankful I am for their support!

I got the washer plunger thank you! Thanks for all that you do. Can you get me sheet music of a cool rendition of O Holy Night? I also need a voltage converter and some icy hot would be nice. Thank you!

Your missionary son