slowwww week

Hey Everyone!

This week was super slow. Not much happened, but on Thursday, we had official exchanges [trading companions for a day] for the first time! Odd that four months in that my first exchanges are just now happening, but whatever. I went out with one of my TC’s, Elder Hayford. He is a quiet guy who has had trouble with talking to people. Needless to say, I understand him. We had a good time walking around my area and teaching some people.

One guy, Bro Moses, we taught for the first time. He was a street contact Elder Afful and I had collected previously. We talked about the Restoration and his first question was “So you guys believe that Joseph Smith is God?” We cleared that up real quick. He is very conversant with scripture, so the lesson was half debate half teaching. I felt prompted to bring up the nature of the Godhead, which took a l o n g time to dissect with him. He took out all kinds of scriptures to support the falsehood that they are one being. Luckily, I have done a lot of studying for this type of investigator and I answered every false interpretation back with a correct interpretation and more scriptures. This is what I am missing from not being in an American mission. I really enjoyed the lesson and believe it or not, this opened the way for the Spirit to come in. Hayford and I bore testimony that the only way to know of the truth is to ask God yourself. Joseph Smith asked questions because not all the answers were found in the Bible. Even still, the answers to your questions may not be found in all the standard works of scripture. That is why we have been blessed with a direct line of communication to God by prayer, and we are enabled to receive direction from God by revelation through the Holy Ghost. The Spirit was powerful at the end of the lesson. I am grateful that we were blessed to be prepared to handle his abilities through our continual studies.

Saturday, we had baptisms for Ajiatu, Sis Jeneba’s daughter, and Bro Johnny, a super great guy who has testimonies of everything. We combined baptism services with the Waterloo elders since their chapel font had not been filled with water. They came over to our chapel and we had a great service.

On Sunday, we went to Sis Jeneba’s place to teach her Muslim husband. We are really quite impressed with his progress and inquisitive nature. He was totally unwilling to even talk with missionaries before our first meeting, but now he seems like a golden investigator. I have a few theories on what helped bring about that change and it’s pretty amazing seeing his spiritual growth. We had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. We’re taking it slow with him so that he really gets everything. I love teaching him. Unfortunately, Sunday’s are the only time we can meet with him because he works all day every other day.

I want you all to know that even though being a missionary is crazy hard and has many challenges that I cannot express here, I love missionary work. I love the people that I work with. My greatest joy really is this gospel. I probably didn’t seem like the most spiritual guy in a regular setting back home, but this mission has changed me. It has changed my heart. It has changed my nature. I hope to continue this change for the rest of my life because I love what it is doing to me! I know this gospel is true. I know it can change lives for the better because I am witnessing that in myself and in my investigators. Peace out until next Monday!


Elder Brimhall

P.S. I got my pizza!