Leaving MTC Final Thoughts (6/1)

From: Ethan Cade Brimhall [mailto:ethan.brimhall@myldsmail.net]2016-06-01 07.40.13

Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 12:37 AM

I am watched out for: I have nothing to do for an hour and a half until we leave for the airport so I’ll share with you something special that happened to me this morning. I got up and got ready and was ready to head down for breakfast. I got a prompting to check my drawers one more time and I found that I missed packing my p-day clothes. I put them in a plastic back and hooked it up to my shoulder bag. God is watching out for me.

Final thoughts: Elder Iverson went proselyting yesterday instead of going to the temple. He said that he could not understand the guy he talked to unless he spoke pretty slowly. He also said that this guy was the nicest man he had ever encountered. He was so willing to talk about God and really wanted to learn more about the Gospel. From what I hear, Sierra Leone is even more so. President Brubaker told me in confidance that President Clawson is the best mission president in the Africa West Area, possibly the world. I am so lucky to be going to such a mission. I am humbled that God chose to send me, a weak and carnal young man, to teach some of His most prepared children. I feel somewhat unworthy to be their link to baptism. But I am so so excited to be out there teaching them. I have something to give, and if they allow me to give it, I will. I know something they do not but that everyone should have the chance to hear. It is not my message, but the Lord’s; it is not my mission, but the Lord’s; it is not my teaching, but the Lord’s. I am merely a vessel through which God accomplishes part of His work and His glory: to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

Listen to this or read it here. It’s incredible. (The Character of Christ by David A. Bednar)